Stress & Anxiety

Stress is part of modern life, and our body’s reactions to it can be as diverse as they are debilitating. From migraine and irritable bowel syndrome to panic attacks and mild depression, stress and anxiety take their toll in numerous ways. However, many of these stress symptoms an be relieved with careful diet supplementation, leaving you symptom free and better able to get on with life.


Black Cohosh – Can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety related to the menopause.

Butterbur – Recent scientific studies have shown that Butterbur is effective in dealing with migraines.

Coral Calcium –Relieves the hypertension caused by stress and anxiety.

Echinacea – Used as “a pick me up” during times of emotional stress.

Feverfew – Can relieve the frequency of stress induced migraine attacks.

Ginseng – Increases the body’s resistance to stress.

Peppermint Oil – Relieves the pain and bloating associated with stress related Irritable bowel syndrome.

White Willow – Helps prevent stress and anxiety by alleviating pain.


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